Email Services provided by SEO

SEO offers email service for SEO members at no cost. Email accounts for library staff can be requested by any SEO member library. SEO email account addresses will consist of your first name initial & your full last name followed by the domain. For example, Jon Snow would be

How do I obtain a SEO libraries email account?

Submit a ticket to the SEO IT Department and choose "email account" as the inquiry OR call SEO (1-877-552-4262) and ask for the IT Department.

How do I access my SEO libraries email webmail?

Simply visit and login with your full email address and password.

How much storage is on my SEO libraries account and what are the other limits?

How do I setup an IMAP or POP3 account?

Any email client that uses IMAP or POP3 will work with your SEO libraries email account (including scanner/copiers). SEO recommends using an email client that you are most comfortable with. Please read the differences between IMAP and POP3 before choosing your email protocol as they are very different protocols. The following image will help you get quickly setup using your favorite email client; however detailed instructions for your specific email client can be found in one of the following PDFs below the image:


Microsoft Products

attach_small.gifMicrosoft Outlook 2007 using IMAP
attach_small.gifMicrosoft Outlook 2007 using POP3
attach_small.gifMicrosoft Outlook 2010 using IMAP
attach_small.gifMicrosoft Outlook 2010 using POP3
attach_small.gifMicrosoft Outlook 2013 using IMAP
attach_small.gifMicrosoft Outlook 2013 using POP3
attach_small.gifWindows Live using IMAP
attach_small.gifWindows Live using POP3

Mozilla Thunderbird
attach_small.gifMozilla Thunderbird using IMAP
attach_small.gifMozilla Thunderbird using POP3

Smartphones and Tablets
attach_small.gifAndroid Phone or Tablet
attach_small.gifApple iPad
attach_small.gifApple iPhone

attach_small.gifSEO Library Center Email Policy