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WorkFlows 3.5.2 Upgrade Guide
by SEO IT Department on February 14, 2017

  • Please read the Symphony WorkFlows 3.5.2 upgrade FAQs in Article #228
  • The Symphony system will be upgraded to version 3.5.2 on Monday, March 20th.  
  • You will be able to login to WorkFlows to receive the upgrade upon opening Monday morning.
Upgrade Procedure:
  1. Click on the Workflows icon located on the desktop as you normally would when launching WorkFlows.
    1. workflowsicon2
  2. The configuration information remains the same.
    1. cloudworkflows
    2. Offline Mode- Leave this box unchecked.  
    3. Host Information- The host information will remain unchanged after the upgrade.
    4. Show this Window on next startup: Always check this option. Checking this box will ensure that the Configuration window opens each time you open the software.
  3. After you have entered the correct information in the configuration window, Click OK. You may now login using your normal User ID: and PIN.
    1. loginbox
  4. This Automatic update box will appear as soon as you click OK.  If it does not; you will need to verify your permissions detailed in Article #34.
    1. workflows352
      NOTE: Actual versions numbers on your client may be different as long as it is 3.5.2.x
      Click Yes
    2. The client update will begin to download. (may take several minutes)
    3. upgrade1
  5. Once the progress reaches 100%, you will be prompted to install now or later
    1. upgrade2
      Click Install Now
  6. Installation preparations will now begin by extracting the client installer and files.
    1. upgrade3
  7. Once the files are extracted, you will be prompted to install the patch for WorkFlows on your computer.
    1. upgrade4
      Click Update
  8. Installation and validation begins.
    1. upgrade5
    2. Installation continues and may take several minutes.  (note: you may be prompted if you want to allow changes to be made to your computer; choose yes)
    3. Once the installation process completes you will see this final dialog box:
      Click Finish and WorkFlows will restart.
  9. Log back into WorkFlows as you normally would.
  10. Lastly, verify that the client version is also correct at by going to Help --> About
The WorkFlows client update is now complete.  Contact SEO at 1-877-552-4262 or submit a new ticket if you have any issues.
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