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WorkFlows 3.5.2 Upgrade - New Install
by SEO IT on March 28, 2017

  • We recommend installing the new client with Administrative rights or as the Administrator
  • The Symphony Workflows 3.5.0 client does NOT need to be uninstalled before you can upgrade to the new client
New Installation Procedure:
  1. Click one of the following links to download Symphony client: 
    1. Symphony WorkFlows 3.5.2
    2. Symphony WorkFlows 3.5.2 (mirror#1)
    3. Symphony WorkFlows 3.5.2 (mirror#2)
  2. Once downloaded, go ahead and right-click and run the executable as the administrator.
    1. workflows352newinstall
  3. If you chose to not uninstall WorkFlows 3.5.0, you will be presented with the following InstallShield Wizard dialog box with the option to choose Install a new instance or Maintain or upgrade an existing instance
    1. workflows352new
    2. Select Maintain or upgrade an existing instance and click Next
  4. A self-extract window will appear and the Workflows installation preparations will begin.upgrade3
  5. Once the files are extracted, WorkFlows will begin installing and may take a few minutes.
  6. Once the installation process completes you will see this final dialog box:upgrade7
  7. Click Finish and WorkFlows will restart.
  8. Go ahead and login normally.
  9. Close WorkFlows and modify permissions accordingly.
  10. The user using the WorkFlows client, MUST have Full control on the \JWF install folder located in the C:\%Program Files%\Sirsi directory. To add a user or change permissions; you must first navigate to the C:\%Program Files%\Sirsi\JWF folder —< right-click —< Properties
  11. Once inside the Properties window, choose the Security tab then click Edit to change permissions
    1. workflows_permissions
  12. If the user name is available in the list, then simply click on that user and choose —< Allow under Full control. If the user is not in the list, then you just click Edit —< Add and enter the user on the system that is going to be using WorkFlows, whether it be a local user or a domain user.
  13. Once the permissions have been changed, the staff client can now receive updates to label or message files delivered from the server.
  14. The WorkFlows client update is now complete. 
POST-INSTALL NOTES (All customized settings should remain intact):
  • Verify Full Control to the Program Files\Sirsi\JWF directory to WorkFlows users: Article #34
  • Ensure Receipt Printer settings are properly configured: Article #106
  • Ensure Report Session Path is properly configured: Article #104
  • Ensure Tabbed Windows is properly configured (if desired): Article #54
  • Test HotKeys if implemented: Article #110 and Article #111
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