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À la carte Menu Options

by SEO Library on March 16, 2018

Check here for the latest À la carte menu options SEO has to offer for your library.  Please visit our SEO Members site to see all of your library information including what À la carte options we have you using: 


À la Carte Menu Items

  • SEO can enable this feature to have your patrons' eligible items automatically renew.  
  • SEO can enable checkout history on your Enterprise profile allowing your users to “opt-in”.
Enterprise Made to Order - Theme, Home Page, Online Resource Room (submit a ticket and request this service)
  • SEO can customize your Enterprise theme, sidebars, footer, and create a custom online resource room that appeals to your locally purchased databases.
Enterprise eResource Central - Hoopla Integration (submit a ticket and request this service)
  • SEO can integrate Hoopla content into your Enterprise catalog.
Enterprise Google Analytics
  • SEO can embed a tracking ID within your Enterprise profile so you can start tracking users in real-time and historically.  Find out where your users are coming from, what they are using to access Enterprise, when they are visiting, and much more with Google Analytics.
Enterprise Multiple Holds Profile Option (submit a ticket and request this service
  • SEO can add a multiple holds linked graphic that allows your patrons to utilize the item-level hold profile and place item-specific holds. (perfect for book clubs, teachers, etc...)
Enterprise My Account Direct Link & Search Box Code
  • Have a My Account direct link on your library website? These direct links are now natively supported in Enterprise. SEO can also assist you in obtaining HTML search box code for your library website.
Enterprise Online Payments (submit a ticket and request this service)
  • SEO can assist you in enabling PayPal on your Enterprise catalog to accept online payments.
Enterprise Self Registration (submit a ticket and request this service)
  • SEO can enable self-registration you adding a self-registration button to your Enterprise catalog to allow patrons to register online.
  • Give your library catalog a Facebook presence.

3rd party integration (submit a ticket and request this service)

  • SIP Services for third-party vendor authentication, including; Envisionware, FreeGAL, Hoopla, Libki & more 
BlueCloud MobileCirc
  • Allows you to move freely about your library and beyond! Perform basic circulation tasks (e.g. self-check kiosk, check-in, checkout, user-registration, and inventory) using your mobile device.  Instructional Video:
  • SEO can provide data extracts for vendors such as Collection HQ, Booksite, and Boopsie on a recurring basis.
Email services (submit a ticket and request this service)
  • SEO is currently offering email services to its members with over 450 registered email accounts.
Hotkey Customization (submit a ticket and request this service)
  • SEO can assist your library in implementing a hotkey to assist you in your everyday tasks within WorkFlows (e.g. F10-lib1)
Monthly Bad Email Reports (submit a ticket and request this service)
  • SEO can provide a monthly ZIP attachment containing all of your libraries "bad" email addresses for you to address.
Monthly Multiple ID Reports (submit a ticket and request this service)
  • SEO can provide a list of all your patrons that have multiple IDs (e.g. Active, Previous, Inactive).
On Demand Training
  • SEO can assist your library staff and users in technology training.
  • SEO can enable patron photos on WorkFlows for your library.
Symphony Receipt Printer Software
  • SEO can assist your library in installing and configuring the Symphony Receipt Printer software that was re-developed by Jay Miley. (Note: only the latest Star and Epson receipt printers are supported)
Terminal Services Remote Sites & Bookmobiles (submit a ticket and request this service)
  • SEO can provide your library and/or bookmobile with a terminal server connection if you are experiencing bandwidth issues.
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