Library's may choose to upgrade Monday morning (April 12th) upon connection to the system. You may experience some delays with the upgrade process depending on how many locations select this option, as the updated client will be installed upon login to Symphony Workflows.


  • Please read the Symphony WorkFlows 3.7.1 upgrade FAQs in Article

Option #1 Upgrade Procedure

  1. Right-click on the WorkFlows icon and run as administrator:

  2. The configuration information remains the same.
    1. Offline Mode- Leave this box unchecked.  
    2. Host Information- The host information will remain unchanged after the upgrade.
    3. Show this Window on next startup: Always check this option. Checking this box will ensure that the Configuration window opens each time you open the software.
  3. After you have entered the correct information in the configuration window, Click OK. You may now login using your normal User ID: and PIN.
  4. This Automatic update box will appear as soon as you click OK.  If it does not; you will need to verify your permissions.
    1. NOTE: Actual version numbers on your client may be different as long as it is 3.7.1.xx  Click Yes
    2. The client update will begin to download. (may take several minutes)
  5. Once the progress reaches 100%, you will be prompted to install now or later
    1. Click Install Now
  6. Installation preparations will now begin by extracting the client installer and files.  Once the installation process completes you will see this final dialog box:
    1. Click Finish and WorkFlows will restart.
  7. Log back into WorkFlows as you normally would.

The WorkFlows client install is now complete.  If you have any trouble, please open a ticket or send an email to