For locations that choose to upgrade staff workstations at the close of business on April 9,10, or 11, depending on your library's hours of operation. This is the preferred method to prevent any possible delays Monday morning. If your location chooses this option, they must not reconnect to the Symphony Server until Monday morning after the upgrade has concluded, or they may downgrade the client software to the previous version


  • WorkFlows must be installed as the Administrator

Option #1 Upgrade Procedure

Click the following link to download the Symphony client and choose Save:

    Once downloaded, right-click and run the executable as the administrator.

  1. You will be prompted whether or not you want to allow the app to make changes on your computer.  Choose Yes.
  2. Next you will be asked to either Install a new instance or Maintain or upgrade an existing instance.  Choose Maintain or upgrade an existing instance as shown below:
    1. Click Next
  3. The WorkFlows upgrade installation will begin.  Follow each step and choose next until the InstallShield Wizard Completes
  4. Click Finish and WorkFlows will restart. 
  5. Don't login until Monday, April 12th after the upgrade is complete, otherwise, you will be prompted to downgrade to 3.6.1.

The WorkFlows client install is now complete.  If you have any trouble, please open a ticket or send an email to