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Brief Title Records are used in WorkFlows to check out items not cataloged on the SEO Consortium database or for adding new kit bibliographic records. There are three instances when you would need to create a Brief Title: 

  1. Adding Kit Records- adding kit records that do not have a matching OCLC bibliographic record 
  2. Interlibrary Loan materials- to circulate materials you obtained outside our consortium 
  3. FastAdds- to circulate your items not currently cataloged or until a formal bibliographic record can be created by the SEO Tech Services Committee


See instructions and examples below. The ‘Add Brief Title’ wizard can be found in the CIRC module in the Items Wizard Group and in the Checkout Wizard. It can also be found in the TECH Module in the Common Tasks Wizard Group. 

To create a Brief Title Record for those items, please follow the steps below. 

  1. Using CAPITAL LETTERS enter the: 
  • 020 - ISBN 
  • 024 - UPC 
  • 049 - XXX (Your Library Code) 
  • 100 - Author 
  • 245 - Title, subtitle [GMD] 
  • 260 - Year 
  • 300 - Physical description 
  • 500 - General note 
  • 650 - Subject heading 
  • Call Number 
  • Library 
  • Item Type 
  • Item ID **Note: if you are using a scanner to enter your barcode, it will automatically save the record. You will need to select Make More Changes to add additional information. 
  • Home Location 
  • Item Category 1 (Format) 
  • Item Category 2 (Audience) 
  • Item Category 3 (Genre) 

Opening the Add Brief Title wizard within the Checkout wizard will open a version with different fields. Enter the Author, Title, and Item ID. Leave the Item type and Home location fields as they are populated. The item will be automatically checked out to your patron after you have completed the record.

If you are adding a Kit, you may need to further edit your record using the Modify Title wizard. Please contact SEO for further assistance and guidance.


Click – Add Brief Title

This title will be shadowed. To find the title you will need to do a Keyword search in WorkFlows.

To Un-Shadow a Brief Title

  1. Login using the Tech login.
  2. In the Tech Module, Open the Modify Title Wizard
  3. Search for your title using a General Keyword search. 
  4. Click Modify. 
  5. Under the Bibliographic Tab, uncheck the Shadow Title box and Save.

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