At times, the configuration file that WorkFlows reads/utlizes becomes corrupt and the server needs to push a new copy to your system. Summary of procedure: rename C:\Users\%current user%\Sirsi to C:\Users\%current user%\Sirsi.old. Detailed instructions are below.

Procedure for renaming the \Sirsi folder:

  1. First, make sure WorkFlows is closed
  2. For Windows Vista, 7, 8.1, and 10 users:
    1. Go to "My Computer or This PC" and navigate to the C:\ Drive
    2. Click on the \Users folder and then the %current user% folder, which is going to be the name of the currently logged in user (e.g. staff, circulation, etc...)
    3. Next, you are going to rename rename the \Sirsi folder located in your User folder to Sirsi.old, by right-clicking and choosing rename

WorkFlows will be forced to download a new copy of this folder from the Symphony server with default settings once you re-launch WorkFlows.

You will have to re-enter the IP of the server ( during startup and re-configure your receipt printer and anything else you had customized unfortunately, colors, themes, report session path for viewing reports, etc...

If this does not fix your issue or if you need help getting things re-configured, please give us a call.