Connection Closed by Remote Host

Modified on Sat, 27 Feb 2021 at 12:03 PM

The message "Connection closed by remote host" means that the WorkFlows client has lost connection to the Symphony Server. 

The Symphony database will close the connection if 3 handshakes are missed.

So suppose you pull information or send information to the database through WorkFlows. If that action misses 3 handshakes it will close the connection and give a message that the connection is closed by a remote host.

If all machines are getting this message simultaneously, then it is likely an issue on your network whether it be with your router or a firewall configuration. Contact your IT department or Oplin in this case.

If you are getting this message randomly and only on one or a few workstations throughout your library, it could be caused from a power management setting on the PC, outdated NIC drivers, wireless access points, etc...

Procedure for disabling the "NIC Power Save Mode" of the NIC/Network Adapter:
  1. Click Start, right click on Computer and choose Properties.
  2. Click Device Manager.
  3. Navigate to your NIC/Network Adapter, right click on it and choose Properties.
  4. Choose Power Management tab.
  5. Be sure to uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"
  6. This may require a restart to take effect.
Possible causes other than the NIC settings
  1. If a Wireless connection is in use; this would be an obvious place to investigate first (e.g. reboot the wireless router)
  2. NIC itself. Ensure the latest drivers are installed. Disable/Enable the NIC as a troubleshooting tactic.
  3. Network cable or termination ends could be physically bad/damaged. Perform a ping test to see if there are any packets being dropped.
    1. A good test would be to open the command prompt and type ping -t and let this command output for several minutes. This IP is our Symphony database. If you see any dropped packets; this would indicate a network issue (congestion) and give you a good idea as to what to investigate.
  4. System or Application processes could be running on the PC that could keep the NIC from responding. High CPU utilization by a program could be the cause as well
  5. Network equipment such as hubs, small (home-based) switches could become overrun (e.g. broadcast storm) causing the WorkFlows traffic to drop.
  6. Possible DNS issues with Symphony WorkFlows using "" as the IP address. You may need to use the direct IP as shown below:
Procedure for changing configuration host IP address from domain to direct IP in case there is an in-house DNS problem that can't resolve
  1. Change the IP Address in the WorkFlows configuration window from to as shown below:

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