There are two methods to retrieve items that are in display:

Items belonging to other libraries can be on display for one loan period of 28 days with no renewals.

What to do: Look for any overdue items checked to your display user. If you are unable to find a display item and the item belongs to your library, check the item out to your MISSING user. If the item belongs to another library, please contact that library to work out arrangements.

BlueCloud Analytics

1. Locate the DISPLAY REPORT by Checkout Library in BlueCloud Analytics in the BCA OHIO>Shared Reports>SEO REPORTS>MAINTENANCE folder.

2. In the prompts, click on your library code and single chevron arrow to bring the library to the selected column.

3. Click Run Report.

4. Print or export the report as desired. More instructions on using BlueCloud Analytics can be found in this knowledge base article.


1. In the CheckOut Wizard in WorkFlows, input XYZDISPLAY into the User ID field (where XYZ is your library code):

2. This list can be printed by selecting all items, right clicking, and selecting Print Checkout Slip.