This document provides instructions on how to link to specific areas of your OverDrive collection. Contact your Account Specialist for assistance if you need a link for something not detailed here.

Linking to a Curated Collection:

Static URLs for curated collections created in Marketplace will use the format of http://yourlibraryURLhere /10/##/en/CuratedCollection#.htm.

If the site has multiple skins, include the appropriate skin ID (/##/) for the location of the published collection in the static URL. The 'CuratedCollection#' is determined by the location the collection has been published.


A collection published to "Home & Browse Collections 01" on the main site will use /10/50/en/CuratedCollection1.htm.

A collection published to "Collections Menu 06" on the Kids’ eReading Room will use /10/45/en/CuratedCollection6.htm.

Linking to a specific subject

The following URL will allow you to link to all titles under the subject of Travel, regardless of their format:


You can change the 107 part of the URL a different subject ID depending on what subject you wish to link to. A basic list of IDs is included at the end of this document, but subject IDs can vary from site to site – locate your site’s Subject IDs by viewing the ‘page source’ on the Advanced Search page of your site.

Linking to a subject and a format

If you want a URL for Travel and Audiobooks, add ‘&Format=25’ to the end of the address:

http://yourlibraryURLhere /BANGSearch.dll?Type=Subject&ID=107&Format=25

Here is a listing of all the format IDs:

Adobe eBooks = 50, 410

Open eBooks = 450, 810

Kindle Books = 420

OverDrive Read = 610

OverDrive Listen = 625

MP3 Audiobook = 425

Streaming Video = 635

Periodicals = 304

Linking to a subject and multiple formats

You can also link to a single subject and multiple formats by adding a comma and then the additional format ID(s):

http://yourlibraryURLhere /BANGSearch.dll?Type=Subject&ID=107&Format=425,50,410

Please note that linking to multiple subjects is not possible in this way.

Linking to a specific title

To link directly to a title, visit the title details page at your site, copy the URL in the browser, and remove the browser session information from that URL. When viewing a title at the OverDrive site, the URL will look like this:

http://yourlibraryURLhere /4C10C9A9-F06E-44D3-A029-8CF55EB53370/10/50/en/ContentDetails.htm?ID={1CF31BE9-56CA-419B-B54C-DC135F069646}

If you remove everything after your site URL, up to and excluding /10/ (shown in red above) you are left with a direct link to the title.

http://yourlibraryURLhere /ContentDetails.htm?ID={1CF31BE9-56CA-419B-B54C-DC135F069646}

Linking to a series or author


To link to a specific series or author, on the title details page, right-click on the series or author hyperlink. Select “copy link address” and delete the session information. You will be left with a search string for the series.

http://yourlibraryURLhere /24EE4AF9-CE01-4C69-B959-B1272E1B7026/10/50/en/BANGSearch.dll?Type=Creator&ID=894258

http://yourlibraryURLhere /24EE4AF9-CE01-4C69-B959-B1272E1B7026/10/50/en/BANGSearch.dll?Type=Series&ID={759F6D95-BC27-4293-8C7C-E2A9B791DFA1}

Other Persistent Links


The following phrases can be added to your library’s URL to create a persistent link to certain formats or languages:
























For example,


Adjusting the search results page

Apply the following to the end of a search result (subject, format, etc.) URL to determine the way the results display:

&PerPage=20 Determines the number of titles returned per page

&SortBy=title Results sorted by Title A – Z

&SortBy=date Results sorted by Release Date

&SortBy=colldate Results sorted by Date Added to site

&SortBy=globalrank Results sorted by Most Popular