Adding an ILL or Fast Add Brief Title

Modified on Fri, 26 Feb 2021 at 03:00 PM

Brief Title Records are used in WorkFlows to check out items not cataloged on the SEO Consortium database. There are two instances when you would need to create a Brief Title: Interlibrary Loan materials and FastAdds. See instructions and examples below.

Interlibrary Loan Brief Title Record
For items that you have borrowed from a library outside of the consortium (MORE or Interlibrary Loan via OCLC) you will want to circulate the items to your user on WorkFlows. Creating a Brief Title Record allows you to check the item out to your user, send overdue notices, assess fines, collect circulation statistics, etc. 
  1. Open the CIRC Toolbar.
  2. Open the Add Brief Title Wizard located in the Items Wizard Group.
  3. Using CAPITAL LETTERS enter the: 
    1. Author
    2. Title, preceded by your library three letter code 
    3. Please do not change any of the MARC field or Indicator numbers. Doing so may suppress any entered data. 
    4. OCLC or MORE Request Identifier number. This can be added to the Author, Title or Call number fields.
    5. Call Number. This field is optional.
    6. Library. This field is defaulted to your library.
    7. Item Type should be defaulted to ILL.
    8. Home Location should be defaulted to ILL. 
    9. Item ID.
  4. Click Add Brief Title. If you want to check out the item to your user, you MUST open the Checkout Wizard and checkout the item to you user. 
  5. You can also create a Brief Title within the Checkout Wizard using the Add Brief Title Helper. Creating Brief Titles within the Checkout Wizard automatically checks the item out to your user. 
FastAdd Brief Title Record 
FastAdd Brief Title Records can be used for new items that have not been formally cataloged or an item that did not transfer to the SEO database during data migration. This procedure is usually performed during the checkout process. When you are scanning items for checkout, you may receive the alert “Item not found in catalog.” To create a Brief Title Record for those items, please follow the steps below. 
  1. Within the Checkout Wizard workspace, click the Add Brief Title Helper. 
  2. Using CAPITAL LETTERS enter the: 
    1. Author
    2. Title, preceded by your library three letter code 
    3. Call Number. This field is optional.
    4. Library. This field is defaulted to your library.
    5. Item Type should be FASTADD.
    6. Home Location should be FA. 
    7. Item ID.
  3. Click Add Brief Title.
  4. The item will automatically checkout to your user.
Some libraries may not have the FASTADD Item Type or an FA Home location code in their dropdown list. If your library is interested in using adding the Fastadd codes, please contact the SEO ILS Department. 

With both processes, when the items are returned and checked in, the item IDs will be scheduled for deletion. They will be deleted that evening unless there are pending fines or bills against the item.

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